Saturday, December 23, 2006

Steve Martin's "Pure Drivel"

You've certainly seen Steve Martin's first book of short stories "Cruel Shoes" from the 70's however you may not be aware that he put out a second edition in the mid 90's called "Pure Drivel". Even if you've seen that book few know that it's also in a unabridged audio book edition read by Steve Martin. It's certainly a bevy of humour rich material that I've enjoyed listening to and playing on my show a number of times.

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Psst....Here's a Naked Gord tip - If you're interested in picking up his first book as well (an audio book version was never done) you might want to know that the mass market edition paperback edition of Cruel features a couple of stories that is not in the hardcover edition.

The paperback edition references the extra stories on the cover and it has a blue background as opposed to the hardcover's black background so it's easy to tell them apart when viewing covers online.

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