Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Standing up against USAlberta (and snakes on a plane)

Sure I'm not a politician nor a policy analyst and most likely neither are you. However when Alberta is raking in an $8.7 billion surplus and we're paying through the nose for gas it's a hard task not to think that we need a new "National Energy (style) Program" to protect us and enable all Canadians to benefit from our country's oil.

With the complete lack of MPs from any other party than the Conservatives on the federal level in Alberta I'm sure your Liberal/NDP/Bloc/Ind. MP would give consideration to anything which could serve to increase their votes in areas where their party actually might get support.

If you're against what I'm proposing I'll assume you're a Conservative living in Alberta. If you're not an Albertan but still oppose this I just have one question:

They're already at a 8.7 billion in surplus while you're paying over a buck per litre for gas. When they hit the 1 trillion mark and you're paying $1.50 for gas - will you care then?

If you'd like to contact your MP please use this link:

If you wish feel free to cut and paste this message (but be sure to include your name. address and phone number so your MP knows you're a member of the riding):


As a member of your constituency. I am surprised that neither you nor your party has been "Stand up for Canada" and demanded that Canada re-examine a national energy program so that all Canadians can benefit from the oil which belongs to our country as a whole.

I'd also like to remind you that your party has zero representation in Alberta and a plan to allow all Canadians to benefit from what has been horded by Alberta could only serve to increase your support where your party can be elected.

Yours Truly,

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