Saturday, December 16, 2006

A bevy of Bob and Ray

Who's Bob and Ray? I could try to explain but it'll be much better to hear it from the greats:

"Bob & Ray were two of the funniest - and most influential - humorists of their time. They were my guests on The Tonight Show too many times to count. They always cracked me up.

...Bob & Ray are unique. There is no one like them. Yet, almost every comedian I know was influenced by their subtle, dry wit." - Johnny Carson

"The amazing thing about Bob and Ray's work is its consistency. Over the years they must have produced thousands of hours of material, and all of it is terrific.

...When I do a Q&A, I'm often asked about my favorite comedians. I include Steve Martin and Woody Allen, but it's always interesting what happens when I mention Bob and Ray. There are always one or two Bob and Ray fanatics who end up coming up to me at the end of the evening to talk about their favorite pieces."- Al Franken

"Bob & Ray are two of the most influential humorists of the twentieth century. Their dry, subtle wit influenced a generation of comedians, including this one." - Jay Leno

Bob & Ray influenced many comics, myself included. I find them endlessly entertaining."
- David Letterman

"Bob & Ray are as funny as anyone can be." - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

He's also the father of comedian Chris Eilliot from Cabin Boy, Get a Life and David Letterman

From :
May 27, 2001 · An old gig by comedians Bob and Ray about memory.
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A bevy more Bob and Ray in MP3 and WMA from Bob and
"Garish Summit" (5:06)
from The Best of Bob & Ray, Volume 1 (order)
"Wally Ballou & Artie Schermerhorn - 4th of July Parade" (3:04)from Classic Bob & Ray, Volume 2(order)
"Mary Backstayge - searching for food and water on an uninhabited island, they hear a carousel" (3:51)from Bob & Ray - The Soap Operas, Volume 3 (order)
"Bridget Hillary and the News - autograph racket" (3:09)From Vintage Bob & Ray, Volume 4 (order)
"One Fella's Family - foggy day at the seawall" (3.29)
from Bob & Ray - The Lost Episodes, Volume 5 (order)
"The Komodo Dragon" (4:02)from Bob & Ray - A Night of Two Stars (order) MP3 WINDOWS MEDIA

Visit Bob and Ray dot com for more Bob and Ray fun!

and get a bit more audio of them by clicking here.

A tribute to Bob and Ray:

From Morning Edition, April 11, 2003 · Host Bob Edwards talks with radio producer Larry Josephson, about the classic comedy skits of radio personalities Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding. Josephson has reissued a CD with a sampling of the pair's sketches, in honor of Bob Elliott's 80th birthday. Click to listen direct from NPR

Chris Elliott and Bob Elliot working together:

1n 1989 father and son teamed together for the "shocking account of life with a famous father" in the tell all book "Daddy's Boy" years before Christopher Guest brought back the mockumentary to centre stage with Waiting for Guffman.

Click here to listen the interview with Chris Elliott and Bob Elliott in streaming media direct from

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(It's OOP but plenty of copies are there used and cheap)

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