Monday, September 11, 2006

Download Don Knott's "An evening with me"


Comedy comes in many guises, from the subtle to the raucous, and its success is often measured by its delivery, its content, and its originality. It follows, therefore, that when an artist such as Don Knotts applies his talent to this area, only success can follow.

Don first burst upon the entertainment scene as a full-fledged star when he was a part of the Steve Allen television show, where he proved himself a most adept and funny man. His characterizations are now a legend, his meek attitude, his nervously-garbled words, his gestures are immediately recalled. More recently, Don has moved on to even greater renown, this time as a key character in the highly successful TV series helmed by Andy Griffith.

The material which Don, Arne Sultan and Marvin Worth prepared especially for this album is perhaps the finest showcase this excellent comedian has ever had, and, equally important, for the first time visual effects are not necessary to the ultimate achievement of what can honestly be called one of the best comedy routines ever designed exclusively for the recording field.

Here, them, is a very special initiation to spend AN EVENING WITH ME personally extended to you by Don Knotts, who will make every effort to make it any an evening you will not only long remember, but often repeat.

Produced by: Sultan-Worth Productions, Ltd (All rights reserved 1961)
Written by: Arne Sultan, Marvin Worth and Don Knotts
Published by: Sultan-Worth Publishing Co - ASCAP

1961 United Artists Records, Inc.
Printed in USA

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