Monday, October 23, 2006

A bevy of Ken Nordine

Well check this out...Apprently Ken has been doing a some work with NPR. They've also got the pieces archived in streaming media on their website. Check them out here:

Commentator Ken Nordine plays with the expressions we use. Among his favorites: "cookies crumble" and things that "go to pot." Both have played a part in his dreams.

Commentator Ken Nordine says it's hard to pin down the exact thing called "now." He says even a nanosecond has a beginning, middle and end.

Commentator Ken Nordine explores how to be good at the game of golf. He says you need the right grip. He imagines playing against God.

Commentator Ken Nordine imagines a small device that can tell others if a person is lying by changing the way they blink their eyes. He says office-seekers would need to have it implanted.

One of the lessons of Sept. 11, according to the bipartisan commission that released its report last year, was that the government failed to think independently Thinking differently is highly valued skill to sound artist and commentator Ken Nordine.

Commentator Ken Nordine uses his two voices to hold an interior dialogue about a cage looking for a bird. The two argue over the need for the security of a cage in a dangerous world filled with hungry cats. The bird decides to take his chances; he values freedom more than safety.

Sound artist Ken Nordine has a dilemma that is familiar to anyone who has taken medicine.

Sound artist and commentator Ken Nordine creates one of his trademark dialogues with himself about the choices of Homeland Security colors. He thinks there's a need for "in-between" colors -- those more than orange but less than red. He offers a palette of tones for these levels of alert: mauve, fuscia and so on -- and weighs how they'd go over.

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