Sunday, October 01, 2006

Native Divx Directory

What do I mean by "Native Divx"?

Basically a normal file in divx or xvid format that you get from a number of sources that'll play in the portable video players below.

Most require converting the file to another format to play however there are a few that will play divx/xvid files without conversion*

*No player will play 100% of the divx files out there depending on how the file was encoded.

Macvision MC1007 20GB and Coby PMP 7040 40GB Portable Media Player

This is a rebranding of the Mobinote line of PMP players. This models sells under Mobinote or Nextar in North America with the 40 GB model under the Coby brand. The Mobinote versions are actually Divx certified however all the units carry unofficial divx support (and even boasts MP4 extension).

Specs: 7" screen. 6.5" viewing area
Plays divx as well as non-copyprotected videos formatted for the Apple Ipod

Froogle listings for the Macvision MC1007
(20 GB model)
Froogle listings for the Coby PMP 7040 (40 GB model)

All Creative Zen Vision series (with one big exception)

All the hard drive based Creative Zen Vision players support native divx. This includes The Zen
Vision, The Zen Vision W and The Zen Vision M

Screen sizes vary between 2.5" (Vision: M), 3.5 (Vision) or 4.3 (Vision: W)

It does not include the Creative V Plus (featured to the right) dispite what the review from C|Net says. For an excellent review of the Creative V Plus head on over to PC Mag for an indepth review and what video format is supported as well as it's specs.

Sony D-VE7000S Walkman

Note: Divx is not supported in the American release (Canada, Australia confirmed). For those wanting to play North American discs (R1) make sure to order the Canadian version.

Specs: 7" screen, DVD based system. Built in battery.

Read the C|Net review of the R4 version from Australia

(all current releases and most, if not all, older editions that play video)

Visit to see the current Archos line up

Cowon A2 (in 20 GB and 30 GB models)

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Froogle listings for the Cowan A2

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