Thursday, November 30, 2006 and Playboy present: Marshall McLuhan, the Man and his Message

From "He was a man of idioms and idiosyncrasies, deeply intelligent and a soothsayer. He had prescient knowledge of the Internet. Although educated in literature, Marshall McLuhan was known as a pop philosopher because his theories applied to mini-skirts and the twist. For his ability to keep up with the cutting edge, one colleague called him "The Runner." Critics said he destroyed literary values. Today, McLuhan’s ideas are new again, applied to the electronic media that he predicted." Source:

View the clips below and click here for the Playboy interview with McLuhan direct from Columbia University

Marshall's younger brother Maurice reminisces about childhood in Edmonton. (Radio; runs 1:47)

Television has transformed the world into an interconnected tribe McLuhan calls a "global village". (TV; runs 8:44)

One day, people will learn via an electronic circuitry system, McLuhan says. (TV; runs 3:25)

Communications expert Marshall McLuhan theorizes on "hot" and "cool" media. (Radio; runs 5:26)

McLuhan for the masses

 McLuhan for the masses

The professor publishes his theories in condensed form under the punning title The Medium is the Massage. (Radio; runs 8:00)

Is Marshall McLuhan contributing to literature's demise? (Radio; runs 1:33)

Did the eminent professor really fail grade six? (TV; runs 6:59)

McLuhan suggests there's a subconscious reason Pierre Elliott Trudeau has grown a beard. (Radio; runs 2:11)

Marshall McLuhan, the media theorist who was always "on the move," has died of a stroke. (Radio; runs 4:09)

In a 1995 news report, a new medium called "the Internet" sounds a lot like the electronic circuitry system Marshall McLuhan predicted in the 1960s. (TV; runs 1:33)

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