Monday, November 20, 2006

Democrats in Control

From Al Franken (On Lou Dobbs Tonight)

"Al Franken, chairman of the Midwest Values PAC, tells us how he's fighting to keep Democrats in power and his plans to run for Minnesota Senate.
Then, the incoming chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Missouri, is demanding the United States implement a plan to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq. He joins us."

I just checked out Lou Dobbs Tonight show over at after randomly finding a great interview with Al Franken on his show while I was flipping past the dial. Apparently they don't have any sort of online stream of his show to watch (what's up with that CNN?) so the best I can do is advise you on when you can check the repeats right now which air at 1 am PST and 4 am EST.
In any case it's all a good chance to plug the great Al Franken Show over at Air America Radio. And *that* you can listen to online.

Update: You can read the transcript of Lou Dobbs and Al Franken right here

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