Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mp3 / MP4 Ipod Nano knock off review

Actual device:

Mock-ups used in auctions:

Note: even tho some ebay sellers say mac compatible it is not. It WILL operate as a flash drive and you can drag n drop MP3s etc on to it but to convert the video files that can be played back on the unit you will need to use that Windows emulator.

There are a number of units out there that are slightly different but look almost identical (some even use a 3.5mm headphone jack instead of the 2.5mm one for example). Now that these have started to show up at the retail level it would be prudent to buy from a retail store where you can examine the unit and return it if it doesn't meet your expectations unless you find an exceptional deal on ebay.

Notice how the actual "wheel" looks raised in the mock up. This is not the case with the actual unit. If anything it is slightly indented.

There is no name on the device, box or manual. Of course no warrenty unless the seller you purchuse it from offers one.

Once you have a good device you're set.

The upside:

MP3/WMA playback with ID3 tags.

FM radio with FM recording (not listed in manual or ebay auctions. When in the FM screen hit the menu key and you'll find the record option at the bottom)

Decent AMV video playback by comparison to other ones I've used. Note in the image below that it does not rotate the image to use the full 1.5" display so the top and bottom have bars. Anything less than high quality settings produced images that I found unwatchable. On highest settings it was viewable fine. Almost like watching a TV with an antenna getting in a station pretty good but not perfect. It did tend to lose frames in high motion video. Conan/Letterman/Leno slow motion programs are idea for video playback. Video playback is acceptable all things considered however do not expect Archos etc quality playback.

Game feature: Some numbers game that was useless. If you press up it'll actually cause a fatal error and reset the device. This was the only bug I've found.

Photo viewer: decent. Not stealer but alright.

Ebook: It'll actually read .txt files! Too bad it can't write to them to make a low end pda.

Also records voice in wav format.

Manual on/off switch on top for hard reset if needed (never needed it).

Uses freeware programs (included on cd) like Media Player Classic along with the amv conversion program to convert divx files into amv video for playback. Will convert a variety of formats. I've tried divx and real media. Both worked great. I couldn't get vcd standard mpg working however. Just freezes the program.

A beta homebrew firmware is out there for the unit (txt writing and timer record FM radio would be awesome). Will post details when I track down the site.

Same small size and lightweight like the real Ipod Nano.

The downside:

Uses a 2.5mm headphone jack to be used with included headphones.

Had to tweak the setting in the program slightly to get proper playback of video files.

The usb plug on the wall charge is slightly off centre as is the jack for the headphones. Both are firm and work perfectly however.

Some ebay sellers have been modding the units to display twice as much space so when the person tries to load that much on or reformat the device it resets making reading feedback remarks and even contacting previous buyers important. Mine is fine - using about 246 mb out of a
possible 256.

It DOES scratch just like the real Ipods just as easily.

Be careful of sellers who say their in your country but actually ship from overseas. Expensive as hell shipping/insurance and there's no point since I'm in Canada and I could find more than one reputable dealer.

Ratings: A+ for what it is. Once they improve the video quality I would seriously consider getting a 1GB model (or if I find another pretty good deal)


The included acc's (excluding the manual, usb cable and install cd)

Shiney silver headphones with a white base. Very Jetson-ish. It's a good thing I kinda like them since with the 2.5 mm jack I'm stuck with them lol.

The actual wall charger is really neat since it used the usb cable as the cord for it. Very portable. The actual tongs for the plug retract into the device. Be careful of auctions that may include a charger that will not work in your area. Ebay feed backs I've read have been burned by this.

Unit on with the FM feature:

Unit on with the amv video feature playing a live action video:

First posted by myself here

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