Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Stephen Harper and his Conservatives admit to millions in elections fraud

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party has admitted to breaking Canadian law under the Elections Act by not reporting millions in contributions to Elections Canada and recieving illegal donations, above the allowed limit, from Stephen Harper and other Conservatives.

According to "In the revised report, the Conservatives have "reclassified revenue related to the 2005 convention,''
disclosing an additional $539,915 in previously unreported donations, an extra $913,710 in "other revenue,'' and an additional $1.45 million in "other expenses.'' They didn't bother saying what makes up "other expenses". Wonder why...

Also the party reports almost $700,000 in previously undisclosed transfers from riding associations.

Harper is one of three MPs who has been found to have violated the legal limit on what they can contribute to a political party.

"The reality is it sounds like they broke a lot of laws and they're going to have to be answering for that, no doubt about it,'' says Liberal MP Mark Holland. He also adds that he suspect the Cons will hope this will disappear over the holiday season.

Plus Holland contends that, in addition to Harper, hundreds more Conservatives may have broken election laws by contributing more than they were legally allowed to do so. Also many may have may have broken laws relating to corporate donations with delegates using their corporate credit cards to pay for donations says Holland.

Read the entire CTV report by clicking here

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