Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A bevy of Dr. Katz from Comedy Central!

Direct from Comedy Comedy Central's MotherLoad comes a bevy of shorts featuring Jonathan Katz as Dr. Katz in Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. Click track title to watch.

Bad Back -- Dr. Katz throws his back out and requests painkillers and hash browns.
Musical! -- David Juskow is planning a musical starring himself doing Elvis Costello impressions.
Good Day -- Cathy Ladman has a good day when the dryer lint comes off the filter in one piece.
Kat's on the Prowl -- Dr. Katz is dating a woman who makes her own clothes, and that's not code for something else.
Frozen Butter -- The only way Rita Rudner's mom got back at her dad was by giving him a frozen stick of butter.
Quibbling -- Dr. Katz and Ben quibble over "my" and "ours" and "Freudian" and "Jungian."
East Coast v. West Coast -- Barry Sobel talks about the novelty of East Coast friends who understand "accountability."
English/Irish -- Ken Rogerson's wife is English and he's Irish, so every couple months he'd blow up her car.
Blind Date -- Jeffrey Ross once went on a blind date with a woman who's mole kept talking to him.
One of Five Kids -- Kevin Meany grew up one of five kids, so his mother used to urge him to use the bathroom at school.
Medication, Coffee -- Steven Wright sometimes has four or five cups of coffee before his first cup of coffee.
Bystander Benjamin Katz -- Ben witnesses a shooting in which no more than three shots and possibly as few as none were fired.
Under a Comforter -- Jonathan and Ben debate spending time cuddling under a comforter.
Daydreaming About Candy -- Ray Romano would like to be in a position where your top priority is daydreaming about candy.
Ben's Responsibilities -- Ben takes on responsibilities: like putting his dishes in the sink.
Bad Toupees -- Dom Irrera wants to go to the barber and ask for a sexy Friar Tuck look, cause that drives women wild.
Early Sexual Experiences -- Bill Braudis remembers the first time he had sex. Because he kept the receipt.
Cold Pigeons -- Ben and Dr. Katz contemplate pigeons in the snow.
Weather Theories -- Dr. Katz suggests that people drink more when it snows.
Pidgeon Hobby -- Ben's latest hobby is caring for a coop of pigeons.

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