Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A bevy of TV Funhouse!

TV Funhouse is the title of a recurring skit on NBC's Saturday Night Live featuring cartoons created by longtime SNL writer Robert Smigel, as well as a short-lived spinoff series that ran on Comedy Central. The spinoff series was somewhat of a twisted Pee-Wee's Playhouse-style kiddie show, hosted by Doug Dale and his "Anipals" puppet animal friends. - Wikipedia

Click the icons or track titles below to enjoy a bevy of the Comedy Central incarnation of "TV Funhouse" direct from

Rocky licks the bowl. -- Rocky and the kids visit a cookie and donut factory -- with plenty of water.
Check out the universe's things. -- Stefan McTierney travels the world to tell us about the universe and its many things.
Rush into safety! -- Walk out into the middle of a busy intersectionfull of safety!
He doesn't fight crime for money. -- Wonderman knows a fine drycleaner with a colossal package.
Feel like chicken tonight? -- John Ritter gets caught in a terrorist attack. Will the Anipals prevail?
For kids of all ages! -- It'd sure be nice to have more time with your mom and dad, and now you can!
It's fun to learn! -- Chinese Lincoln's Birthday is sometime in March.
Boys will be boys! -- Hateful but adorable, it's really quite deplorable.
Remembering can be fun! -- To remember the groups of bones in the spinal column, remember: Cyanide Tastes Like Sweet Candy.
Gotta get 'em all! -- Enjoy Jokamel and all his friends -- without those smooth, silky cigarettes.
Using their trespassing skills! -- Kidder, Downey and Heche use their God-given trespassing skills to find a missing dog.
Jason joins the Krishvu Church. -- Can the Anipals save young Jason from a mass cult wedding?
Chickie's in a cockfight! -- The Anipals go to a cockfight. Can Chickie handle this action?
Your Dear, Dear Friend! -- Because memorization is the hardest part of school, and probably life.
Fighting evil as it comes! -- Wonderman fights a constant crusade to fight crime and get his alias laid.
Endangered and Single -- Can Sally Jessy help the Anipals find a mate for Dave, the last male lizard of his species?
VH1's Great Leaders in History -- Joe Walsh and Rick Nielsen help reveal the real story of the Father of Our Country.
Attack! -- These Klassic Kartoon Kockroaches don't stand a chance.

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