Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FYI: Bill Cosby is not dead!

Here's a little bizarrity I stumbled across on Google Video. It's a video memorial for Bill Cosby posted on January 15th.

The problem is Bill Cosby isn't dead. He isn't even sick.

According to MyFox 29 in Philadelphia Cosby was at a peace march put on by "Men united for a better Philadelphia" on the day the video was posted.

Plus even if they were wrong (Fox was about Iraq so it could happen) and Cosby did die then he must have risen from the dead a few days later to raise 2.5 million in scholarships at Wesleyan University by doing benifit concert at the Pierre Hotel in New York City according to Wesleyan's own newsletter. Jesus Christ!

So like the Al Gore TV network that replaced Newsworld International I'm not really sure why this was created but you can check out "RIP Bill Cosby" below:

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