Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bill Hicks last television interview

Click here to download in MP4 direct from Google Video

Google Video: I am the producer & host, and had the opportunity to call Bill a friend, and happened to do what seems to be his last video interview. He asked to come on to talk about the Waco debacle and about being ousted from the David Letterman show. I figured if you haven't seen it yet-this may be a great way for you to get to see this nugget of time.

FYI on the Letterman incident:

On October 1, 1993, he was to appear on the David Letterman show for the twelfth time, but his appearance was cancelled somewhat controversially. At the time, Hicks was doing a routine about pro-life organizations, where he encouraged them to "lock arms and block cemeteries" instead of medical clinics, but his routine was cut from the show. Both the show's producers and CBS denied responsibility for the cut, but the reason appeared obvious to many[citation needed] during the following week's Letterman show when a commercial for a pro-life organization was aired. Hicks himself felt betrayed, and hand-wrote a 32-page letter of complaint. Later, Letterman expressed regret at the way Hicks had been handled. Unfortunately Hicks had died by that time, and never heard Letterman's sentiments. - Wikipedia

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