Thursday, May 10, 2007

Naked Gord has Joost invites (free internet cable TV)

From the creators of Skype comes Joost - a bevy of television delivered straight to your computer. Among the channels included in the US there's "Adult Swim, five new channels from National Geographic, Spike TV from Viacom, great comedy from Heavy, and classic series from Hasbro such as The Transformers. And that's just the beginning" (to quote the Joost PR release).

To get an invite from Naked Gord to be a beta tester all I ask is that you:

1) Check out the channels on the sidebar of the site (lower right hand side) and select your favourite channel or track that stands out from a previous Naked Gord broadcast and post it in a message board, forum etc (where proper - please don't spam).

2) E-mail the link from the site you posted on along with your e-mail address for me [nakedgord AT gmail dot com] to send the invite.

That's all!

If you want to go all out right click here to save a 8 1/2 by 11" Naked Gord Program poster to print up and post in your favourite used bookstore, vinyl store, video store, CD shop etc and I'll send you a half dozen invites for you to do with what you please (the only catch for this is that you'll need that many e-mail addresses but free providers like Hotmail or Yahoo Mail don't care how many you sign up for).

Want to know more? Then click here to check how Joost describes themselves and then click here to chek out the full channel line up by country.

You can also check out this Quicktime video file by Joost to learn more about it by clicking right here

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