Thursday, July 12, 2007

9 minutes with George Bernard Shaw George Bernard Shaw was a Irish dramatist, social critic, essayist and political thinker. A cultural giant, Bernard Shaw was not only the leading playwright of his time; he was also a witty, persuasive and influential thinker.

Click the track title to play direct from The BBC and if you're ever in Niagara-On-The-Lake (a short hop across the border from Niagara Falls, New York) consider checking out the bevy of Shaw plays at the Shaw Festival.

Talks for Sixth Formers
1 January 1937 BBC
George Bernard Shaw talks about

Audioa few things he has learned now he is 80 1 min 7

Audiothe hardest part of schooling, the benefit of learning while you're young 1 min 29

Audiothe trick to passing exams 2 min 55

Audiocoping with life after school and being a good citizen 4 min 40

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