Monday, July 23, 2007

A bevy of bits and bytes on Matt Groening and The Simpsons Movie

Speaking at premiere (35 seconds)

Excellent CNN interview.
It's only a couple minutes long but was packed with a quite a few clips of the movie and interviews with Matt.
Myleene Klass of 'The Screening Room' talks to Matt Groening about the forthcoming 'The Simpsons Movie.' Runs 2:20 minutes
Click to watch direct from

Signing autographs outside of the Daily Show set sideways
(it's short...but still oddly interesting...)

A great video report from Reuters.
"Springfield - a look in the mirror?" looks at the twon hosting the event as well as featuring a brief interview with Matt (Runs 1:36 minutes)
Click here to watch from Reuters

WCCO (yeah...I don't know who they area either aside from being a CBS affilate) decided to use some stock footage provided by the Fox and made a little infomercial for the movie to be part of their newscast. It's got a quick brief interview with Matt and a couple scenes so aside from journalism as a profession nobody is hurt.
The movie featuring the famous Springfield clan opens July 27, Bill Carlson reports (1:32).
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Matt Groening On 'Simpsons Movie' Casualties
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(Only viewable from US :( Well...tell me if it's good folks... )

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