Saturday, July 28, 2007

Canadian Broadcasting Corp: The End of...

Jian Ghomeshi

View Part one " The End of Radio" | View Part two " The End of TV" | View Part three " The End of Print"
22:22 minutes each
From The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation comes Jian Ghomeshi with a look at how technology is changing and perhaps eliminating traditional media.Marshall Mcluhan fans rejoice. This is right up your alley. The experts have spoken. Mass media is reported to be on its last legs. A handful of new media entities with remarkably silly names: Blogs, Vlogs, YouTube, Podcasts, and Yahoo! are leading the charge, leaving traditional forms of communications to play catch-up or get left behind.

The CBC's pop culture specialist Jian Ghomeshi ponders the fate of mass media and asks whether we are nearing a world without television, radio or print in THE END, a three-part series airing on CBC Newsworld.

With new trends in media emerging on what seems to be a daily basis, many have been predicting the fall of traditional communications for some time. There are always new trends, toys and gadgets, but which of them will survive and emerge victorious? And what will our increasingly wired, (or is that wireless), world look like in this age of instant information gratification?

Is this really the end of TV and radio as we know it?

Jian Ghomeshi is the host of THE END. David Giddens is series producer of THE END. Heaton Dyer is the Director of Programming for CBC Newsworld.

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