Saturday, July 14, 2007

RIP: Charles Lane

Who is Charles Lane? He is a character actor most familiar to TV viewers from the 1950's to the 1970's on such shows as I Love Lucy, Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched, Green Acres, and countless other shows. He always played an authority figure like a businessman or judge who were no-nonsense type of people; usually mean spirited. Charles Lane, a name few know, but instantly recognized by many. - from LonesomeDove Hollywood character actor Charles Lane died Monday at the age of 102. TODAY's Bob Dotson spoke with Lane in 2005, and discovered that although some didn't know his name, his face was another story.

and click below to watch coverage of his passing direct from KCBS in LA

KCBS: Lane appeared in classics such as 'It's A Wonderful Life,' 'Mr. Deeds Goes To Town,' 'Petitcoat Junction' and 'I Love Lucy.' Suzanne Rico reports

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