Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A bevy of Ken Nordine Strange but True Mp3s

Click the file size to play (or right click to download) direct from This series consisted of 15 minute shows, similar in format to Ripley's Believe It Or Not that had aired from 1930 to 1948. It was hosted/narrated by Ken Nordine and was produced by Unusual Features Syndicate. This syndicated series was heard on the Mutual network during 1950 and 1951 on various days and at various times. For example, according to "The Ultimate History of Network Radio Programming and Guide To All Circulating Shows" by Jay Hickerson, it aired on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 PM from April 17, 1950 through June 5, 1951 and on Saturdays at 5:15 PM from June 30, 1951 through December 22, 1951.

The Man Who Walked Behind763.0K
Water, Water Everywhere762.3K
Mr Watt's Awakening851.8K
Dead Man's Mirror883.0K
The Man Who Saw Everything781.6K
Human Atmosphere927.9K
The End of David Lang815.0K
What Day Will He Die839.9K
The Playful Spirit912.0K
Beware My Son861.4K
Death of a Monster856.4K
The Lady and the Lake841.3K
The Woman Upstairs847.4K
Footprints in the Sand853.7K
The Dusk Is Deceptive891.5K
Enemy Unknown854.5K
Barren Ground814.4K
Trail of the Werebeast928.5K
Veins of the Marble848.2K
Death Makes a Landing891.7K
Valley of Doom931.2K
The Roving Pansinis868.1K
The Room Upstairs825.7K
Intruder on the Earth857.6K
Music by Moonlight921.2K
Cross of Blood790.1K
Pretend You're Pavova906.3K
Desert Magic916.8K
The Vanishing Clergyman866.4K
Voice of the Dead917.8K
The Burglar of Blackpool875.4K
Masque of Mystery857.8K
The Abominable Snowman887.5K
The Man Who Said Mass834.7K
Two Heads Are Better907.4K
Film of Death871.8K
Handwriting on the Wall850.1K
Here Will You Lie901.9K
Perrenial Guest832.8K
Three Hundred Years Late908.8K
Two Men in the Moon857.2K
The Devil's Diggings858.7K
The Whereabouts of Mr Wadham906.8K
The Skull of Bettiscomb897.6K
The One That Got Away807.1K
Nemesis on the Left865.6K
Goodbye Mr Bathurst893.8K
Death Gives a Warning932.9K
Mr Browning's Cufflinks801.2K
The Doctor Pays a Call896.7K
Letter to a Friend877.5K
The Baming Spirit918.2K
Room 117839.0K
You Tell Me Your Dream882.9K
Three Who Died907.0K
Pray for Me858.7K
Familiar Streets843.6K
The Heat of Anger897.8K
Water Wheel877.1K
The Wolf on Bald Mountain877.5K
The Constable's Companion862.2K
Where There's Smoke846.1K
The Phantom Army878.1K
Rescue at Sea890.2K
The Monk of Sawtooth Mountain898.2K
Silent as a Tomb836.9K
Death Has a Will905.9K
Heads Up865.4K
Only a Miracle871.6K
Welcome Home891.3K
The Wanderer871.8K
The Stowaway852.6K
Appointment in Stockholm867.7K
Death Notice892.7K
The Temple of Beal896.3K
The Face of Death885.4K
Dragon of Van Buren County838.2K
Naked Man of Newbury908.0K

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