Saturday, August 25, 2007

A bevy of Ricky Gervais video podcasts

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Ricky's TV ad for the 'Fame' tour
Ricky makes a heartfelt plea...
Meet Robin Ince - Ricky's favourite way to prevent boredom.
Robin's makeover.
Robin's birthday on the beach - Ricky gives Robin a special seaside treat
Robin on the beach.
Ricky and Stephen with news of an Extras Special
Profanities abound as Ricky and Stephen release news of a feature-length episode of Extras
Happyslapped By A Jellyfish
Karl gets bothered by builders while working on his book.
The Tufty Lovely Song
Robin is a very lucky boy to have Ricky singing nice songs for him.
Surprise Surprise
Robin acts as proxy for Richard and Judy and interrupts Ricky on stage.
Ahhhhh, Robin.
Robin and Ricky share a very special and spiritual St Valentine's Day
Extras Xmas Special - Filming Day 1
Join Ricky and Stephen over lunch on the first day of filming the Extras Xmas Special.

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