Monday, October 01, 2007

Waiting for Godot: Listen online

With a remarkable amount of comedy and pathos "Waiting for Godot" has entrenched itself as one of the most important plays of our times.

Join The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio play division as they perform the classic play in streaming Real Audio. Each part runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click to listen to part one

Click to listen to part two

and click here to order it on audio cassette (yeah...I know...if they're not going to release it on MP3/Itunes they should at least do a CD pressing) direct from The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation By the side of a deserted country road, two tramps await the arrival of the mysterious Godot. The more they argue, question and complain, the more their predicament begins to resemble that of humanity looking for meaning in an absurd universe. Brian Bedford, director of the acclaimed Stratford Festival production, also directs this staged reading of a truly haunting, perplexing and sardonically amusing play, generally recognized as the quintessential play of the 20th century. Written by Samuel Beckett, Directed by Brian Bedford, Music composed and performed by Don Horsburgh, Starring Tom McCamus and Stephen Ouimette

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