Sunday, December 23, 2007

A bevy of Bob and Doug McKenzie DJ MP3's

Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas are back as Bob and Doug in these on air riffs from their time hosting a radio program. Click to play, right click to download in MP3, direct from Once again, Uncle Fry and Zamby came through to bring us a real Bob & Doug rarity. Around 1981 they did a syndicated guest DJ stint that floated around the airwaves for a while. I have included info on the entire recording for completeness, but only the actual Bob & Doug tracks are available for download. So like, download it already, eh!

(Format: 44.1KHz, ~128 Kbps, Mono MP3)

Track Title Length Size
1 Welcome to Our Radio Show 1:19 1.2MB

The Police - Spirits in the Material World

2 Today's Weather/News Report 2:01 1.9MB

The Beatles - Hard Day's Night

3 A Word from Our Sponsor 0:30 474KB


4 Traffic Report 2:16 2.1MB

Loverboy - The Kid is Hot Tonight

5 Loaded 'n' Rollin'/New Theme 2:46 2.5MB


6 Empties 0:52 826KB

Supertramp - Take the Long Way Home

7 Stealin' Albums 1:36 1.5MB

Rush - Spirit of Radio

8 Beer Bribe 0:42 672KB


9 Don't Belittle Yourself 0:56 888KB

Alan Parsons Project - Wouldn't Wanna be Like You

10 Hockey Editorial 2:28 2.3MB

The Doors - Set the Night on Fire

11 To Our Loyal Listeners 1:42 1.6MB

Bob & Doug McKenzie - Take Off 4:43 4.1MB
12 Show's Over/New Theme II 2:41 2.5MB

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