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The Jack Benny Hour

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Director: Ralph Levy
Writers: George Balzer, Hal Goldman

Origionall Broadcast - 3 November 1965 (USA)

Jack Benny ... Himself

Bob Hope ... Himself
Elke Sommer ... Herself

Walt Disney ... Himself
Brian Wilson ... Himself (as The Beach Boys)
Dennis Wilson ... Himself (as The Beach Boys)
Carl Wilson ... Himself (as The Beach Boys)
Al Jardine ... Himself (as The Beach Boys)
Mike Love ... Himself (as The Beach Boys)

With Special Guests :

Bob Hope, The Beach Boys, Elke Summer & Walt Disney

During this hour long special, Jack and Bob Hope go to the beach with there ironing board and try to catch some waves. When that fails, they pay a visit to a laugh-in version of The Munsters. After a quick dance, Elke Summers pays a visit. When she does her Mary Poppins imitation, comedy is the last thing on either of Jack or Bobs mind!

Also, Walt Disney pays a special visit to The Benny Show, along with a very, very, VERY LARGE Tiger!

The skit that is basically a Musters parody is one of the most surreal things ever filmed. It's a combination of all early to mid 1960s tv. It has a laugh-in style dance sequence, with Herman really getting down. It has a little Leave It To Beaver in it, with a young couple learning from a mistake we know nothing about. Also, we get to see an Elvira type Morticia! With all this going on, it seems nothing could possibly shake your senses next. As all Jack Benny fans know, with Jack that's never the case, as things only continue to go from odd to just plain weird!

When Bob Hope and Jack play the parts of 16 year olds, you'll die laughing. Especially when you get a look at there toups! And, as only Jack can do well, we get a very special group of guest stars.... The Beach Boys, who ARE very young and recieve a Beatles style reception from the audience.

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