Friday, December 07, 2007

Story of a handgun: Firestar .45

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Runs approx 45 minutes

The story of a legal handgun that traveled from the U.S. to Canada, where it's illegal, and then was used to kill a six year old child. A full length doc of an event that happens often in Canada and a disturbing amount in the United States. The story of two journeys--a .45 calibre handgun from Jonesboro, Georgia and a young boy from Jamaica--and how their fates collide tragically in a home in suburban Toronto, is the subject of the fifth estate's season premiere. The Firestar .45 that killed six-year-old Michael James is just one of the illegal handguns that flood across the U.S. border and end up in Canadian cities where they become weapons of mayhem and murder.

Bob McKeown takes us from the gun dealer to the violent streets of American cities, through the halls of power in Washington and into the heart of America's gun industry, a National Rifle Association convention, and illuminates a story that is filling today's headlines.

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