Monday, January 14, 2008

Don Knotts in "Odd Job Jack"

Odd Job Jack is a Canadian prime time animated series starring Canadian occasional comedic actor Don McKellar (Twitch City) as Jack who takes a temp job every week only to meet up with a character played by a US guest star (guess they were hoping this would sell the series down south...didn't really workout though). The following episode with guest star Don Knotts is from the thirteenth episode of the first season.

Google Video: Enjoy and share this episode from season 1 of odd job jack.

Jack works as a Wienermobile Driver and heads across the country to Wienerfest.

Bobby and Leo join jack on this rowdy road trip, with may characters Jack has previously crossed - Mr. Fister / Betty, The Quarrymen, The Border Cops, Goreplex & Duplex the aliens, and Mouchoir / Jacques in hot pursuit.

Guest Starring Don Knotts as border cop Dirk Douglas.

Play the episode's game, Hot Dog Dash, at

If you like it consider checking out Odd Job Jack Season Two over at (why they apparently released Season one baffles me) featuring James Woods, Samantha Bee, Leslie Nielson, Tom Green, Tom Arnold and Will Arnett (from Arrested Development)

Click here to give it a once over

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