Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"The Show" - Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy

Click here to download in MP4 direct from Google Video
Runs: 21 minutes/Released: 1922

Of course you all know Oliver Hardy from his classic work with Stan Laurel however you may not know the name Larry Semon (1889-1928) was already known as a comedy mega star of the day who rivaled the fame of Charlie Chaplin and who regularly worked with Both Laurel and Hardy before they even worked together. He created films that were known to be special effect extravaganzas which often caused his short subjects to cost as much as a feature film .

There was also a persistent rumour that he faked his own death (paging Andy Kaufman)

Apparently he's quite popular in Germany (who knew!) since they've released a "Best of Larry Semon" DVD that you can check out by clicking right here.

Google Video: In this 1922 Larry Semon short, Larry , the stage hand, essentially runs around doing magic tricks for 10 mins and then chases Oliver Hardy for 10 mins. Hardly the funniest film ever made but still interesting. Sadly does not include music as the soundtrack may not be in the public domain.

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