Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hello Americans with Orson Welles MP3 downloads

Mininova dot org: After Orson Welles' return from a film making trip to South America,
he hosted this series with co-star Carmen Miranda for CBS. The
series, created under the auspices of the CIA, presented dramas about
South America for a US audience. The first show was a tour of Brazil
and was followed by shows about the heroes and culture of South
American countries.

Click file size to play or right click to download in MP3 direct from
Each episode runs approx 30 minutes

Audio Files32Kbps MP340Kbps
Carmen Miranda7.0M
Christ of the Andes, the7.0M
Santa Domingo - Haiti6.8M
Alphabet of the Islands, the (Part 01)7.0M
Alphabet of the Islands, the (Part 02)
Story of Abendgo, the Slave, the7.1M
Bad Will Ambassador, the7.0M
Rhythms of the Americas7.1M
Romantic Rhythms of the Americas7.1M

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