Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jon Stewart MP3 concert download: Wang Theatre

Click here to start the download process from "megaupload.com"
Runs approx 80 minutes

Jon Stewart Live Standup - Wang Theatre, Boston MA

Read First: This is a tad complicated so bear with me, When you click the link you'll have to input a three diget code (I suppose to make sure you're an actual person and not a robot), then hit enter, then wait 45 seconds for the free download button to become active, then click the button.

Once there you'll be able to download the MP3 files as a .rar compressed file. Just click on the file when it's downloaded and then copy the files to a place on your computer (desktop for example).

I know it's complicated but I just find stuff online and don't upload it so I'm just glad some wonderful soul uploaded the files even if he picked a pain in the ass way to do it.

Jon Stewart- Andy Warhol Style by ~RabidZiggy on deviantART

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