Sunday, April 06, 2008

Art Spiegelman's Canadian Controversy

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Runs Approx 14 minutes
(however a couple minutes of that at the top and bottom is the anchor musing about the interview. As an aside one of my old profs said he had him as a seminar teacher when he was in university - seemed to think he was a bit of a dick from what I remember.)

The Pulitzer Prize winning mind behind Maus is having some trouble in the Great White North.

Canadian publishers wanted to censor a cover he drew for Harpers magazine to appease moral conservatives and Canada's only retail bookseller (Chapters Indigo who also owns the only other book chains in Canada - Coles and Smithbooks) banned the issue from their shelves - which puts him in the same category as Adolf Hitler since "Mein Kampf" is one of the few other things that have been banned for sale from their chain.

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