Saturday, April 19, 2008

Three Stooges MP4: Nertsery Rhymes

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Runs approx 19 minutes

This is the first Three Stooges short filmed.

Before Larry, Moe and Curly signed up with Columbia they worked for a mean called Ted Healy who basically threated the stooges how Moe treated Larry and Curly in their Columbia Shorts. He was the boss of the show onstage and off.

Needless to say there came a point when the stooges had enough of being the "second bananas" to Healy and they severed their relationship with Healy and moved forward to become one of the greatest comedy teams in the history of media.

Ted Healy brought together a new set of stooges called "Healy's Stooges" to work with him however they never achieved much success. Healhy died in a bar brawl as a result of head injuries however there is a bit of mystery and conjecture revolving around his death.

According to "The Three Stiiges Scrapbook", co-written by Moe's daughter Moe was espically heartbroken over the death of Healy who he still considered a friend dispite their history.

Check back on The Naked Gord Program for more early Three Stooges shorts staring Healy and The Three Stooges or click here to check out a bevy of them on DVD over at The disc is OOP but there are a number of copies running as little as $3.50. Frankly this is such a good disc any of the 5 that are below $20 are worth it.

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