Thursday, May 15, 2008

The assult on science

Click to play, right click to download in MP3, direct from TVO Rational inquiry, the scientific method, or sheer ignorance: Is science itself to blame for the backlash against scientific inquiry?

Runs approx 30 minutes


Arthur Allen is the science reporter for The Washington Independent. He worked as a foreign correspondent, bureau chief and editor for the Associated Press. He is the author of Vaccine: the Controversial Story of Medicine’s Greatest Lifesaver.

James Robert Brown is a professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Who Rules in Science?: An Opinionated Guide to the Wars.

Sheril R. Kirshenbaum is an associate in research for Ocean and Coastal Policy with the Nicholas Institute. Sheril hosts the Scienceblog The Intersection, contributes to the Wired Science/PBS Blog Correlations, and is also a founding member of the ScienceDebate2008 initiative.

Lawrence Solomon is the executive director of Energy Probe, a columnist with the National Post, and author of The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud.

Jason Wiles is a professor in the Department of Biology at Syracuse University and has an appointment as research manager of the Evolution Education Research Centre, a joint operation of McGill and Harvard Universities.

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