Thursday, June 12, 2008

A bevy of Mike Myers and friends on "The Love Guru" opening June 20th

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Check your local movie listings because The Love Guru opens June 20th!

I'm still hoping for another Austin Powers installment however with the return of Mike Myers and "Mini-Me" Vern The Love Guru is certainly shaping up to be a bevy of comedic fun!

Check out some great sneak peak scenes, interviews with Mike and Vern, user generated video of Myers having fun with fans outside of the premiere as well as some awesome web fun for The Love Guru below!

First off click here to check out some neato Love Guru e-cards
(hint...hint: Fat naked guys like e-cards too ;) )

Mike Myers and cast on the premiere of the movie
(Naked Gord note: Damn "Mini-Me" Vern's camera angle for the interview is awesome.)

Youtube: hit the los angeles movie premiere of the love guru.
Where we caught up with the stars about the comedy. Interviews with Mike Myers, Verne
Troyer,Romany Malco,Manu Narayan,Meagan Good,Tila Tequila,Trace Ayala

A very introspective interview on how his late father relates to his comedic brilliance and how it's a tribute to his father.

Youtube: Mike Myers chats with Talking Pictures host Tony Toscano about his new comedy, "The Love Guru."

Mike Myers, as The Love Guru, covers the classic Steve Miller song "The Joker"

Another shot of Love Guru web fun:

-Pitka's Book Club (Very similar to another famous book club)

It's amateur cam madness as Mike Myers has some fun with some screaming fans.

Mimi && Lili with Mike Myers at Premier of The Love Guru

WOW! "Mini-Me" Vern gets interviewed in a "Mini-Office"! This rocks!

(Naked Gord note: Fuck I love Mini-Me Vern!)

More "Love Guru" web fun!
-Just for Pubes (A must for your aging father)

TV Guide reports:

And ma final dose of "Love Guru" web fun!
-This ridiculous bobblehead

Movieweb interview with Myers

and a bevy of sneak peak scenes from Movieweb

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