Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A bevy of Louis CK bits and bytes video downloads

From the offical homepage of comedian Louis CK (star of HBO's Lucky Louie) comes a bevy of videos to download either in .mov or .mpg format. Sure MP4 or, better yet divx, would be nice but even in a crappy video format Louis CK is one funny man!

Just click each pictures below to play or right click 'em to download to your PC

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

**Conan Show 08/05/04**

Mpg movie 69 megs
Tonight Show 11/02

(67 mb mpg)

Live Club appearances

Live Club appearances: This is what you get when you see me live.
**BRAND NEW!** Kansas City 11/05/04

Quicktime 34 megs
*NEW Also!* Kansas City 11/05 part 2

quicktime 9 megs

Mbar 08/31/04 part2.

22 megs QT file
Largo 7/12/04

(mpg, about 31MB)

The comedy Cellar NYC 8/04/04.

quicktime file, 20 megs
**NEW** Vancouver 10/21 part 2

quictime 10 mb

*NEW** Vancouver 10/21 Part 3

Quicktime 17mb
**NEW ** Vancouver 10/21

(quicktime, about 16MB)
*BACK AGAIN* Hollywood Improv 8/04

Quictime 40 megs

TV appearances

TV appearances: Various spots I've done on TV through the years. Some are standup, some interviews, some both...
**NEW** Conan in 1999

Quicktime movie 12 MB
Louie's first Letterman set! April 19, 1995

Quicktime movie 20 MB

**NEW** Conan in 2000

Quicktime movie 2 MB
Conan in 1998

(quicktime, about 13MB)

Rough experimantal material

Rough experimantal material: These are sets where I'm really just kind of messing around. The first one is REALLY nasty...
Cinema Classics in NYC

70 megs MPG file
Mbar 6/15/04

(30 mb QT video)

MBar 8/31/04 part 1

Quicktime 18 megs
Mbar (date?)

quicktime 4.5 megs

Vintage Clips

VINTAGE CLIPS: These are clips I found from my earlier years doing standup. The material is pretty weak...
Louie on some Cable Comedy shows circa 1990

Quicktime 9 megs
Louie in 1987!!!

Quicktime 10 megs

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