Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rare 3 Stooges live TV appearance on The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre

This rare skit comes from 1955. Filmed in colour although aired in black and white you'll notice that the Three Stooges are appearing out of character as criminals on the run from the law instead of bumbling well doers.

In addition Shemp isn't as active as Moe or Larry in the appearance because he was in declining health. This is thought to be one of the last filmed appearances with Shemp as part of the team.

Runs Approx 5 minutes

This clip has just been unearthed in the last few months however so it's not on any DVD release however if you're a Three Stooges fan I'd recommend checking out excellent Three Stooges rarities DVD below (they also include the four public domain shorts we all know however there's newsreels, interviews, commercials and bevy more obscure Stooge fun!

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