Friday, July 25, 2008

Why was the award Harry Shearer given named after Del Close?

So who was Del Close? He was the man who worked with some of the most famous names in comedy and whose fingerprints are on what's improv comedy as we know it today perhaps more than anyone else.

You can click here to check out his Wikipedia page however there's a great 60 minute look at Close by the The Sound of Young America as they speak with the Upright Citizens Bridage and a bevy more on the recent Dell Close festival in NYC where performers all over the city paid tribute to Close

Click here to play or right click to download in MP3

In 2005 a book on Close called "Guru" was published and Harold Ramis has expressed interest in directing it and having Bill Murray play Close so we'll have to keep our eyes open to see if that materializes.

FYI; Here's a list of folks he's worked with hroughout his career (I'm sure you'll know many of he names)

* John Belushi
* John Candy
* Stephen Colbert
* Andy Dick
* Chris Farley
* Tina Fey
* Aaron Freeman
* Tim Kazurinsky
* Shelley Long
* Bill Murray
* Mike Myers
* Bob Odenkirk
* Tim O'Malley
* David Pasquesi
* Amy Poehler
* Gilda Radner
* Harold Ramis
* Andy Richter
* Dave Thomas
* Stephnie Weir
* George Wendt

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