Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bevy of bits n bytes on the Coen Bros new comedy "Burn After Reading"

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It's ten minutes of raw footage on the set of the new Coen Brothers movie "Burn After Reading". Be a fly on the wall for the CB's follow up to the great Old Country for Old Men and enjoy two trailers plus a bevy of clips below from "Burn After Reading".

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and here to check out the book of short stories "Gates of Eden" by Ethan Cohen over at

The above is a link to the audiobook version since it features a bevy of great performers including:
Steve Buscemi (Reader), Matt Dillon (Reader), John Goodman (Reader), William H. Macy (Reader), , Ben Stiller (Reader) and John Turturro (Reader)
It's OOP on audio book but copies are running as little as $1.88

Also if you have HBO look for the making of "Burn After Burn" which starts airing on this coming Tuesday. Click here for air times direct from or check back with The Naked Gord Program where I'll incude it if someone uploads it.

10 minutes of raw footage:



Burn after Reading stars:

George Clooney ... Harry Pfarrer
David Rasche
(Naked Gord says: Holy Shit! It's Sledge Hammer!)

David Huddleston
Richard Jenkins ... Ted Treffon
Landon Kerric ... Jogger
Logan Kulick ... 4-yr. Old Patient
John Malkovich ... Osbourne Cox
Bill Massof ... Princeton Alumnus Singer
Frances McDormand ... Linda Litzke
Tim Miller ... Princeton Alumni Singer
Brad Pitt ... Chad Feldheimer
Eric Richardson ... Princeton Alumni Singer
Devin Rumer ... Surveilance man J.K. Simmons
Kevin Sussman ... Tuchman Marsh Guy
Tilda Swinton ... Katie Cox
Lenny Venito
Matt Walton ... Del
Jacqueline Wright ... Monica

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