Friday, August 01, 2008

Ken Nordine's "Flibberty Jib"

This track is from 1957 by the great Ken Nordine. Don't know who Nordine is? Well he's the creator of "Word Jazz" which is a bevy of esoteric imagery. Yes i know that's a vague answer at best but the wit and whimsy is hard to describe; kind of like how Leonard Cohen always wished the sly humour in his music would have also made him recognized as a humourist as well as a great singer/song writer.

FYI: The video behind this vinyl track means nothing relating t Nordine. I assume the uploaded just used it to get the audio on Youtube so feel free to close your eyes and drift away in the river of Word Jazz

If you like what you hear and want to check out more Ken Nordine an excellent start is "You're Getting Better: The Word Jazz" from the Dot Records Master series which also includes the track above as well as a bevy more on two discs that you can check out at clicking right here

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