Saturday, August 23, 2008

Never aired Red Dwarf USA pilot

Click here to play direct from Google Video

Runs approx 26 minutes

I don't recognize any of the names in this except for Jane Leeves who is best known for playing Daphne Moon on the sitcom Frasier although for the second pilot (guess they kept trying to get it right) Terry Farrell (Lieutenant Dax from Star Trek: DS9 and the Ted Danson sitcom Becker) joined the cast.

Red Dwarf USA was produced by Universal Pictures with plans to broadcast it on NBC.

Google Video: This is the unaired pilot of Red Dwarf USA. Produced in 1992, this was unsuccessful as it never worked with American actors. For good reason.

The Cast: Craig Bierko - Dave Lister Chris Eigeman - Arnold Rimmer Jane Leeves - Holly Hinton Battle - The Cat Robert Llewellyn

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