Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did George Bush pass around a Iraq invasion handbook to world leaders?

There's a heated election going on in Canada right now mainly between Conservative incumbent Stephen Harper (we're really a pretty left wing country it's just that the Conservatives won last time because the three left wing parties split the vote) and Liberal Party Leader Stephane Dion.

Today the Liberals released a video side by side of former Australian Conservative Party John Howard and Canadian Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper where line by line the speeches walk the same path while being delivered in their respective House of Commons.

The scuttlebutt is either Harper plagiarized the speech two day after Howard delivered it or that the Bush administration was passing around a play book for fellow right wingers to use. I know it won't come as a suprise to Americans that Bush was speaking to world leaders but for it to extend to scripted comments from foreign governments being used in our political process it is of concern.

Click here to watch the full story by Julie Van Dusen direct from The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Runs approx 5 minutes

Click here to read the full story direct from CBC.ca

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