Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Classic TV WWII Spy thriller MP4 download: Ricardo Montalban in Operation Cicero

In my online look back at the great Ricardo Montalban (Khan!) I've stumbled across another little beauty - Operation Cicero with Montalban in the title role of Cicero with a wonderful cameo appearance by Peter Lorre in this WWII spy thriller.

Right click here to download in MP4 format

and be sure to check below the embedded video window for a great review from Amazon's Internat Movie Database (it's never been released to home video so there's no other reviews I can find).

helpless_dancer @
Excellent little one hour drama from the Hour of Stars about a British embassy worker who steals top secret documents strictly for profit. Things go well in his operation until the Allies get wise to a leak and he must flee fearing Allied prosecution or Axis assassination. Very enjoyable production with a smoothly done finale. As always Montalban gives a commendable performance.

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