Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wacky 80's comedy flashback: She's the sheriff promo with George Wyner

Airing in the late 80's on first run syndication She's the Sheriff was first most notable for the return of Suzanne Somers to television after she walked away from Three's Company. However shortly after it's start to it's cancellation after one and a half seasons it become known as one of the worst comedies around aside from the able work of the under recognized comedic genius George Wyner (who you may remember as sidekick to the Rick Moranis parody of Darth Vader in Mel Brooks' Spaceballs as well as the lawyer for Chevy Chase's ex-wife in the Fletch flicks).

This promo is actually pretty good since it's a scripted comedy piece and not just a clip fest to promote the show.

If you're intersted in checking out more of the work of the great George Wyner then click here to see what's available on demand direct from

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