Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ritz Brothers last appearance in Blazing Stewardesses: Watch Online

Blazing Stewardesses (yes the name was ripped off to ride the coat tails of Blazing Saddles) was designed to be a "comeback" film for Moe Howard and his "new" Three Stooges featuring himself, Curly Joe DeRita and Emil Sitka (who worked with all the stooges in almost 40 short subjects) as the replacement for Larry Fine. Moe died before filming began so they retooled it to feature The Ritz Brothers.

You can watch a scene featuring the surviving Ritz Brothers below...this is either hit or miss as far as enjoyment since it's one of those 1 star wacky sex romp comedies but if you like what you see it is on disc and you can check out the entire flick over at Amazon by clicking right here.

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