Sunday, April 29, 2012

John Waters interview on The Simpsons, MPAA censoring him and the movie Bully

These MPAA narcs have to be stopped. I wonder if the industry knows the money they're losing from customers (like me) just sitting on their wallets instead of paying for whatever G rated crap Disney will put out.

As an aside in this article from the Calgary Herald he mentions funding is an issue as well:
“It’s not like I’ve never made one. I want to make another one. The issue is not that they don’t like the script. The issue is that it costs $4 or $5-million which used to be a moderately priced independent movie and today is an unbelievably expensive one. What the studios are looking for today is what I was when I was 20, making a film in the field with a cellphone camera. I had an 8-mm camera but it was the same thing. It’s the best time ever for kids to make movies because the studios are looking for it. They weren’t when I was doing it. They wouldn’t have gotten near me.”

Personally, if that's what it takes to get one done, I'd be game for buying a low budget John Waters movie. Forgo the studio system/MPAA all together and sell it direct on iTunes, Amazon etc himself and it could be even dirtier than Pink Flamingos.