Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MP3 download: CBS Playhouse: Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie (sorta relates to Batman...huh?)

Right click here to download act one in MP3 and Right click here to download act two in MP3

Each part runs approx 50 minutes 
For decades networks actually made something based upon it's worth and not just ratings. Considering this piece is from 1966 that's actually way past the days of live theatre from the mainstream US radio networks so it stands as a bit of a historical oddity but, hey, Naked Gord isn't complaining. 
The interesting thing about this production is that it stars Pat Hingle who starred as Commissioner Gordon in the Batman films from 1989-1997. Damn straight!
The female lead is Shirley Booth who is best known for her work as Hazel in the television series of the same name AND, in a supporting role, the always wonderful Hal Holbrook (Evening Shade) who spent a career touring as Mark Twain bringing his wonderful stories to life like nobody else could.