Friday, December 29, 2006

A bevy of "The George Carlin Show"

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Lot's of laughs, 30 August 2006
Author: zerogirl42 from United States

I love this show and was very sorry to see it canceled. It was like a low-brow Seinfeld. Instead of clean-cut, comedian like Jerry, George Carlin's character is a rather sloppy, unbathen cab driver. He's a single guy with his circle of wacky friends. Action usually takes place in his apartment or in a local bar that his friend's gather at (which is sort of like Monk's as a hang-out spot in Seinfeld). I enjoy Carlin's Stand-up comedy, but he's always pretty funny when he takes on an acting job (he out-shines Bette Midler and Shelley Long in Outrageous Fortune).

It would have been nice if the show lasted longer. I have one episode that I taped off the TV that I drag out to show friends. It always yields laughs. I just wish I could fine a place to buy or watch the other episodes.

The comedy isn't for everyone. I wouldn't recommend it for people who like shows such as Friends or Mad About You.

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