Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A bevy of Mike Judge's Idiocracy

It's out on DVD right now and unless you lived in one of the few cities it opened in this is your first chance to see it. From the creator of King of the Hill, Bevis and Butthead comes a futuristic comedy about an intelligent man in a world of idiots (and also a wry commentary on our times). Apparently the people at the studio couldn't find a way to market a movie about the dumbing down of society.

If this was FM I'd play "Dumbing Down" by Chumbawamba (couldn't find a copy of it online) but it's still strongly endorsed. I have organized a bevy of bits about the film including the trailer streamed from Youtube, a report from MSNBC on the lack of promotion for this film, two segments from NPR covering the non-event and a sample of the film streamed direct from AOL.com.

It's also an excellent companion piece to the BBC's Stupidity which can be watched online by clicking right here.

Click here to watch 'Ideocracy,' under the radar direct from MSNBC

Oct. 6: The animated film "Idiocracy" is getting great reviews but no advertising or support from its studio? Why not? "Most" host Alison Stewart talks with Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times.

If you haven't heard of Mike Judge's film Idiocracy, starring Luke Wilson, you're not alone. Fans and critics are baffled by the lack of promotional effort from 20th Century Fox. The setting is a dumbed-down America hundreds of years in the future.

The new film Idiocracy imagines a world 500 years into the future dumbed-down to the point of mindlessness. Film critic Elvis Mitchell says it's uproariously funny and worthy of an audience. But Twentieth Century Fox has released it with no publicity, in only seven markets.

"'Idiocracy' DVD Clip No. 1"
Luke Wilson
Private Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) discovers he's in the future in this exclusive clip.

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