Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The left gets analyzed for 60 minutes on The Agenda

North America's only truly successful left wing political party is at a crossroads. Although achieving the Premier's seats in British Columbia, Saskatchewan Manitoba and previously Ontario federal success, and Prime Minister-ship, continues to elude them.

The problem is greater successes for the NDP federally will usually hurt the centrist Liberal Party, often called Canada's natural ruling party, and result in the George Bush style Conservative Government led by Stephen Harper seizing the government.

It's this tight rope that Layton is being asked to walk when many of the members of his party don't want Stephen Harper to be re-elected and will vote en massee for the Liberals, abandoning the NDP, in order to stop what happened as stated on The Agenda, when the NDP caused the Conservatives led by Brian Mulroney to be elected in the 80's and Free Trade coming along with him.

Host Steve Pakin brings in two left wingers and a conservative to grill Jack Layton for the hour. Federal NDP leader Jack Layton joins The Agenda for the full hour. We’ll ask him about his party's role in the current parliament and have a broader debate on the future of the NDP, hemmed in, as it is, on an increasingly crowded left.

Click here to watch in streaming video direct from TVOntario - the public broadcaster for Ontario, Canada.

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