Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dan Aykroyd confirms Ghostbusters 3

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From CISN country radio
(yeah...I know. An odd place to make such breaking news)

So far it's been confirmed that Dan Aykroyd (of course), Harold Ramis and Bill Murray will be returning. Sigourney Weaver has apparently washed her hands clean of the franchise (snob). No word on Rick Moranis, Annie Potts or Ernie Hudson but here's hoping.

It's also going to be all CGI computer animation. At first that was a bit of a downer however considering the ages of the principal actors if it was live action there might only be one more movie however with CGI age doesn't really matter so here's hoping they're good enough to garner a whole new franchise.

Photo by: Sheksays

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  1. it is great news they are going to make ghostbusters 3