Saturday, May 31, 2008

Awesome MP4 download: The Amazing Screw On Head

The pilot episode from The Amazing Screw On Head, created by Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola. This is from the comic of the same name.

Click here to download in MP4 format to your PC direct from Google Video
Runs Approx 22 minutes

and click here to check out the DVD over at and read reviews (most are vey pleased)

and check out the one below from N. Durham "Big Evil":
Mike Mignola, best known for creating Hellboy, helps bring his whacky and hilarious disembodied hero to the animated screen. The Amazing Screw-On Head is not only faithful to Mignola's comic, it excells thanks to a stellar team behind it and a fantastic voice cast. Mignola served as art director, which explains why the short film looks almost exactly like the comic. The story revolves around our title hero (Paul Giamatti) called into action by President Lincoln (Corey Burton) to take on his arch nemesis Emperor Zombie (David Hyde Pierce) from unleashing an evil force upon the world. Featuring excellent animation that eminates Mignola's unique art style, quick witted dialogue, and dynamite action; Amazing Screw-On Head is a sheer, comic blast from beginning to end. Sadly though, it doesn't take long to get from beginning to end as the total time is only 22 minutes long. Yeah, it leaves you wanting more, but hopefully, more will be on the way. The excellent voice cast also features Patton Oswalt and SNL alum Molly Shannon.

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